I'm a Hamburg-based Illustrator,
    book lover and pixel jockey.

    Mini Memoirs

    A typographic magazine about myself


    Instagram in a nutshell – a short film

    Jan Hus

    Redesign of the historical novel «Jan Hus»

    Golden Glamour

    Retouching and photo look for the Villeroy&Boch friends magazine

    Douglas Christmas

    Retouching and photo look for the Christmas campaign from Douglas

    Contor City Tour

    Corporate identity and city guidebook about the Hafencity

    Tiny Pony

    A quick illustration of a tiny pony

    Analog – Digital

    An illustration on the subject «analog – digital»

    24 m² Paradise

    A photo series about the microcosm of allotment clubs

    Ijon Tichy

    Illustrations for the interactive graphic novel «The Star Diaries» of Stanisław Lem