Who's that girl?

    Illustrator, Designer and Postproducer
    Photo taken in the lovely old black and white
    photoautomat at Feldstrasse

    Chamber of Industry and Commerce Koblenz – graduation with honors

    My correct name is Louisa Früngel.
    Fräulein is the name my mother always called me when I did something stupid.
    Born and raised in beautiful Rhineland, I lost my heart to Hamburg and I am currently living in Copenhagen.

    2014  to present

    DHBW, Ravensburg
    Study in media design
    (bachelor grade)


    Apprenticeship in media design,
    digital & print


    A-Levels (in art, english & maths)

    work experience

    Sept. 2014 to present
    TRAFFIC Productions, Hamburg

    May – Sept. 2014
    Junior Art Director
    TRAFFIC Productions, Hamburg

    Aug. 2011 – Apr. 2014
    TRAFFIC Productions, Koblenz



    My great passion is to illustrate.

    Through the years I developed a personal
    preference for minimalistic, mostly line
    defined styles, as you can see in my portfolio.
    Nevertheless, I love to experiment with all
    different styles of illustration to extend my work.

    What really fascinates me about illustration is
    that there are almost no limits – you don’t need
    models, a set or a photographer; you are able to
    create something right out of your mind, add
    feelings and tell awesome stories.


    I believe in well-conceived concepts and
    that you have to ask yourself for the why
    before you can answer the how. I am thrilled
    about recreating a brand’s impression by the
    corporate identity and editorial design won
    a place in my heart. I have a weakness for
    outstanding print products – the right choice
    of paper, the binding, the unlimited opportunities
    in processing. To support my projects right from
    the beginning to the finalisation I can do
    screen printing and bookbinding by myself.


    This is were the magic happens.
    Creating the flawless, stunning beauties
    from the magazine covers and manipulating
    artificial scenes in a way they seem to be
    realistic. I am familiar with beauty retouch
    as well as composing several individual
    shots to a self-consistent entirety and
    creating unique photo looks by the use of
    color grading and light. I like to bring
    imaginative scenes to life by putting the
    final touch to 3d rendered images.